Digestive Teas for Bloating

There is something very relaxing about sitting down and sipping tea. Perhaps it’s because you have to do it slowly. Warm aromatic steam hits your face and you take a small sip. You set your cup down, wait for a few seconds and repeat the process, methodically – almost trance inducing. You can’t rush it, and you can’t to do many other things at the same time because… well you will burn yourself! It just has a built-in relaxation factor. But besides the soothing mechanics of tea drinking there are also the medicinal properties that sooth us, specifically when talking about how to get rid of bloating. Let’s take a look at a few different teas that are known bloating remedies.


Licorice Tea

As with most of these teas, you may find you like to mix two or more together to achieve a certain taste, particularly if you find any one overwhelming. Licorice is one of those flavors that can be very strong but goes well as a companion to just about anything. You can buy powdered licorice or you can simply use a coffee grinder with a licorice root stick. Along with it’s digestion aiding properties, it is also known to help in menopausal issues, and helps breaks up mucus. It is possible to drink to much of this tea and should be avoided by people with kidney problems, heart problems, or those with high blood pressure because of it’s water retention properties.

Fennel Tea

Fennel seeds can be boiled for about 5 minutes to make a great digestive tea and is often used in bloating remedies. Along with it’s anti-spasm properties for the small intestine, it as also been used for pain relief. It’s licorice-like flavor has long been a standard in Indian cuisine and serves as a great option for how to get rid of bloating, heartburn, and indigestion. It has long been used for bloating remedies.

Slippery Elm Bark Tea

The use of Slippery Elm Bark was learned by pioneers in how to get rid of bloating from the American Indians who had used it in multiple ways, even as a natural bandage. It contains soothing properties to whatever it touches and has been used to aid in digestion,bloating problems, respiratory problems, and sore throats. You can buy it in shredded or powdered form and it’s “tea” will actually become almost gelatin-like depending on how concentrated it is.

If you have any serious health issues, it’s important to do more extensive research relating to side effects that might be problematic to your particular ailment. Although these are natural products, they are can also be very effective in what they do which could be a bad thing if it’s doing something opposite to what your body needs. Most disclaimers say to consult your doctor before using “herb x” however most physicians know very little about herbs, roots, and other natural substances. Due diligence on your own part and finding a local specialist in these matters goes a long way in learning about how to get rid of bloating and using natural products effectively.


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