Bloating Remedies through Yoga

It is often our knee-jerk reaction when dealing with annoying ailments such as how to get rid of bloating that we go to our medicine cabinet for a quick fix. Whether it’s an antacid or something to coat our stomach we will sometimes feel better, but often we find ourselves taking them more often over time. This is because most medications will lose their effectiveness when taken daily.

Bloating remedies┬ásuch as various teas and herbs are a great alternative to over-the-counter medicines but there are also other methods that don’t involve anything you need to eat or drink. Movement. Have you ever heard of the tradition of people taking walks after dinner to help with digestion? This is because there is something about exercise and movement that can really help solve how to get rid of bloating.

Yoga For Bloating

Yoga is a wonderful activity to help with all sorts of health issues including bloating and digestive problems. Movements such as “sitting twist” which can be done on the floor or simply sitting in your office chair will elongate the spine as well as help move food and gas along the intestines. Other movements such as “upward facing dog” and “wind relieving posture” are wonderful bloating remedies but truly any yoga activity is excellent for your digestion and circulation.

Part of powerful healing that comes with yoga is not just in the movement but the peaceful attitude and calm that it bestows. One of the causes of bloating is stress. When we face stress our hormones fluctuate and our body becomes more acidic which wreaks havoc on your digestive system. When doing yoga or any activity, push away all stressful thoughts. Clear your mind and envision trapped gas finding it’s way through your body. Deep breathing will help move gas down your intestines. One reason why it is helpful to be able to do yoga in your own home is because we are often embarrassed to pass gas in public, especially in a meditative class full of yoga students! But it is important to learn from a trained instructor first to learn the correct movements and to avoid possibly straining yourself.

Virtually any type of physical activity and movement can make terrific bloating remedies but yoga remains one of the best in terms of body movement, proper breathing, and relieving stress and tension. So go enroll in a local yoga class and learn how to get rid of bloating through movement.


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